Complete Your Smile with a Long-Term Solution

Are you ready to join over 500,000 people this year who are choosing to replace their missing teeth with the next best thing to their own? Sage Family Dentistry can help you rebuild your smile with dental implants in Northgate, Seattle. They provide over a 95% success rate, so you can make a long-term investment in your quality of life. Although you are excited to get started, we understand you have several questions about their cost. There is no need to worry. We provide you with your customized estimate and discuss your payment options to keep your treatment affordable. 

Types of Dental Implants

One of the leading factors to influence the amount you need to pay are the types of dental implants used. Besides the implant post, it also includes your restorations. This is determined by the number of teeth you are replacing. Although a single unit implant costs less than an implant-retained bridge or denture, it is more affordable to not replace several missing teeth individually.

What are the Stages of Dental Implant Treatment?

Your treatment process is separated into separate stages, each of which is vital to the long-term success of your new smile. Each step has individual costs. Your dentist in Northgate, Seattle takes the time to discuss each phase and the cost for each. On average, you can expect to pay for:

  • Initial Consultation: You need an initial consultation that includes x-rays and a CT scan to ensure you are a candidate for dental implants.
  • Additional Procedures: It is common to need additional procedures before placing your implant posts, like bone grafting or tooth extractions.
  • Implant Placement: Oral surgery is used to place your implant posts into your jawbone, so you will need sedation or anesthesia to ensure your comfort.
  • Abutments & Restorations: Special fixtures called abutments are placed on each post to attach your custom-made restorations.

Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

Although dental implants may cost more than traditional treatments upfront, they are more affordable long-term. The materials and process used to replace the entire structure of the tooth allow them to last for several decades while also improving your oral health. This reduces your overall dental costs by protecting your dental health using a solution that can last for a lifetime.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Now, more insurances cover certain aspects of dental implants, but they will not pay for the entire treatment. Depending on your specific policy, your coverage may help to lower the cost of certain steps in your treatment, like the CT scans, anesthesia, or restorations.

We work on your behalf with your insurance company to lower the amount you need to pay out-of-pocket. We accept a variety of payment options to cover any remaining balance, including third-party financing with CareCredit. We will help you find the solution you need to keep your new smile affordable.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (206) 362-6677.