Treat Tooth Loss and Restore Your Smile

If you have experienced significant tooth loss, you may face a number of daily struggles. Chewing food thoroughly, speaking clearly, and confidently interacting in social situations might all be challenging for you. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers treatments that can restore your lost teeth and help you enjoy a greater quality of life. At Sage Family Dentistry, we’re proud to offer dentures and partial dentures in Northgate.

Your Denture Options

There are basically three types of dentures:


A full denture’s purpose is to replace an entire arch of missing teeth. This type of prosthesis consists of artificial teeth (usually made out of acrylic of porcelain) that are attached to a gum-colored base. They’re secured in the mouth via natural suction or with the help of a mild denture adhesive.


A partial denture can replace multiple teeth throughout an arch, even if the missing teeth are not adjacent to one another. You can think of it as a puzzle piece that fits in exactly where it is needed. Clips or other attachments might be necessary to secure it in place.


Traditional full and partial dentures rest on top of the gums; they replace only the visible portion of the missing teeth. Dental implants are small titanium cylinders that Dr. Sage surgically places beneath the gumline; they serve as substitutes for the roots of missing teeth. It is possible to support a full or partial denture with just a few implants. This type of prosthesis tends to last longer and be more secure than its traditional counterparts.

Benefits of Dentures

Some of the most outstanding benefits of dentures include:

  • They can restore your ability to enjoy most (if not all) of your favorite foods. After you get used to eating with your dentures, you should be able to tackle that juicy steak or that crunchy apple without worry.
  • Modern dentures are extremely natural-looking. No one may be able to tell that your smile isn’t the same one that you’ve had for decades.
  • Dentures are a long-term tooth-loss solution. Traditional dentures may last for five to eight years, while an implant-retained denture could serve you well for decades.
  • A partial denture prevents your remaining teeth from drifting out of place, helping to keep your bite well-aligned.

Caring for Your Dentures

If you have an implant-retained denture that is permanently fixed in place, caring for it is similar in many ways to caring for natural teeth. If you have a removable prosthesis, keeping your new smile in good shape requires that you:

  • Remove your denture at night and give it a gentle brushing, then place it in a denture-soaking solution.
  • Be mindful of your eating habits. You should take small bites and cut up your food before you place it in your mouth (as opposed to using your front teeth to tear off a portion).
  • Remain alert to changes in the way your denture fits. If it begins to irritate your gums, you may need to visit your dentist in Northgate to get it adjusted.

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