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Helping patients improve their smiles, their health, and their sense of self-confidence through stunning dental transformations is always a great feeling for Dr. Sage and our team. If you’d like to see some of the real life cases we’ve worked on over the years, take a look through our smile gallery below. Contact us here in Seattle, WA if you’re interested in achieving similar changes!

Esthetic correction of fractured tooth

This patient was referred to us by his orthodontist to complete his esthetic rehabilitation after completion of orthodontics.

Two lab made porcelain restorations and 2 bonded composites (white filling material) gave him the smile he had envisioned.

Black Triangle Closure

This patient was self conscious about the appearance of “black triangles” between her lower front teeth.

We used bonded composite (white filling material) to fill these areas, while maintaining natural tooth contours and appearance.

Clinical Crown Lengthening

This patient was unhappy with the asymmetry of the gums around her two front teeth.

With a conservative surgical approach, we were able to create the gingival symmetry the she was looking for.

Cosmetic Rehab

This patient was disappointed with the appearance of her smile, especially in pictures. She felt that her negative feelings about the appearance of her teeth caused her to suppress positive emotions as she would try to hide her teeth when she smiled.

With 8 upper porcelain restorations, we were able to give her a smile she was proud of.


Our patient lost a tooth when she was a child and had a fixed bridge to replace the missing tooth. Over the years, she had become dissatisfied with the esthetics of her bridge and was interested in using the latest in surgical and material technology to improve her appearance.

By placing an implant and properly managing the supporting bone and gum tissue, we were able to give her an implant supported crown that looked completely natural.

Implant supported bridges

This patient was missing many teeth and wasn’t interested in the long-term prospect of a removable partial denture.

By using implants to anchor bridges in the upper and lower jaws, we were able to restore his esthetics and function.


Our patient had severely crowded lower front teeth. This was unesthetic and made dental hygiene a significant challenge for him.

Using Invisalign, we achieved excellent alignment of the teeth, resulting in better health and esthetics.

No Prep Veneers

Our patient was unhappy with the grayness of her teeth and didn’t like that the color of her teeth didn’t match the color of her bridge.

Porcelain veneers were bonded to eight teeth without having to grind on the teeth at all. A new bridge was made to provide color consistency and better esthetics.

Ortho, Porcelain Restorations

This patient came to us with significant jaw pain and a concern about the appearance of her short, worn front teeth. A thorough evaluation revealed that a discrepancy in the way her teeth fit together was the cause of her jaw pain and the excessive wear on her front teeth.

Excellent work by an orthodontist corrected the bite and resolved the jaw pain. The orthodontist also did a wonderful job of positioning the front teeth so that we could use porcelain to add back the tooth structure that had been lost to wear. We completed 16 porcelain restorations on this patient after her orthodontic treatment. The result is the spectacular smile you see here.

Esthetic rehabilitation of root canal darkened tooth

This patient was nearing her wedding date and wanted to do something about her discolored front tooth.

This is the result we achieved for her with a single porcelain crown

Replacement of leaking composites with porcelain veneers

Ever since a childhood accident had fractured her two front teeth, our patient had undergone several remakes of bonded composite (white) fillings that inevitably became stained or were chipped. She decided that she wanted a more esthetic, long-term solution.

Placing veneers on her front teeth gave her the long lasting, esthetic smile she was looking for.

Cosmetic Rehab

This patient disliked the assymetrical size, shapes and colors of her teeth.

Two porcelain crowns and six veneers were placed on the upper teeth and lower teeth were simply whitened, creating a beautiful smile.


This patient was unhappy with the dark gray color of his teeth.

Using a combination of in-office and take-home custom-tray whitening, we were able to achieve several shades of improvement.

Implant Reconstruction

This patient came to us with a severe breakdown of his dental condition.

After straightening his front teeth with orthodontics, implants were used to replace hopeless or missing teeth and porcelain crowns were placed to restore his function and esthetics. The results are transformational.