What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants in Northgate?

In a city that has an average of 150 rainy days per year, we need all the cheer we can get, and sometimes that cheer comes in the form of a friendly smile. However, if your smile has a few gaps in it, you might hold back from sharing your warmth with the world. There are several tooth replacement methods available to you, but we always recommend dental implants in Northgate as the best choice. That’s because they offer so many remarkable advantages.

Improved Health

Even one missing tooth can have serious consequences for your oral health. It can allow your other teeth to drift out of place and make it more difficult for you to eat all the nutrient-rich foods that your body needs to thrive. Also, the jawbone that used to support that tooth will begin to deteriorate; in fact, it may diminish by up to 25 percent in a single year. The more missing teeth you have, the more severe these problems become.

Implants replace an entire tooth, including the root. They can therefore prevent bone loss in the jaw, provide an incredibly strong bite force, and prevent drifting.

Improved Confidence

Your health should be your number one motivation when you’re thinking about replacing your missing teeth, but aesthetic concerns also come into play. After all, no one wants to have an embarrassing gap between their teeth. Dental implant restorations look just like natural teeth, so no one will have to know that you’ve had some work done. Plus, unlike with dentures, you’ll never have to worry that your new teeth will slip while you’re eating or speaking.


A traditional bridge may last for 15 years or so, while regular dentures usually need to be replaced every five to eight years. Implants enjoy a permanent bond with your body, which means they have the potential to last a lifetime. The teeth on top of the implants may need maintenance or repair from time to time, but if you care for them well, you shouldn’t run into any significant problems with your restored smile.

Easy Care

Traditional dentures require that you take them out every night to clean them, which can be a hassle. Since most implant restorations are permanently in your mouth, you won’t have to take a lot of extra steps to keep them in good shape. You’ll be able to brush and floss as you normally would (even though implants can’t get cavities, it’s still important to clean them in order to prevent bad breath and infections).

Ready to Learn More?

If you would like to learn how dental implants can benefit you on a personal level, we invite you to schedule a consultation with your dentist in Northgate. Dr. J. Sam Sage is an implant expert who can be with you through every stage of your smile restoration process, from the preliminary work to implant placement and beyond. He loves to help people improve their oral health and their confidence! Feel free to contact our office at (206) 504-3865.

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